Saturday, August 21, 2010

Babies are always more trouble than you thought... and more wonderful.

Apparently my blog was labeled as a spam blog, or they thought I was a I haven't had a chance to put much up. Not that nothing interesting has been happening, life as an Anton is always full of...well...something.

Over the last few weeks we've had a flood, which I have yet to be able to put my little apartment back in order. I guess it almost seems pointless since hopefully we will be moving soon. *Fingers crossed* Jamie and I got to spend a day together in Park City without the baby, thanks to my wonderful mother. There've been family bbq's, days at the pool, and blah blah blah. But none of that has given me the motivation to blog today. So what has?! Something I just thought of this morning as I was getting up with Kaeson...

Like I was saying, I was getting up this morning with the baby, and I do have to mention it was the first time I had to get up. I have to give a shout out to my husband, who I've watched become sucha  great dad to this little guy, and an even better husband to me, I'm lucky enough to have someone who is more than willing to share this workload with me even though he also has to get up and go to work. (Back to work for me is in one week :-( ... ) Anyways, back to the point....

A thought came to me, that as a new mommy and daddy, the phrase "going back to sleep" is just something that doesn't apply to us. I mean, some may know that Jamie does have 2 kids from before we were married, and so I've been a stepmom basically since I've known the guy, and P.S. I think the word stepmom is the nastiest word invented. But having these 2 kiddies in our lives has been nothing compared to this new adventure. Sure, they get up early, and they ask for a lot of treats, but at least with those 2 we can say watch cartoons for a minute, or go play outside, or let's go to Granny's and you can play with your cousins! Kaeson on the other hand, is attached to us at the hip, but at least it's not to my tummy anymore :-).

I've tried many times to just "go back to sleep", but my little guy doesn't quite allow it. You see, he's kind of a grunter, and when it's 7 in the morning, and I've had 4 hours of sleep, I'm not dragging enough to just crash. So, I lay there for about an hour trying, unsuccessfully, to allow myself to fall back asleep. But Kaeson just won't have it, he kicks his feet, and waves his arms, slapping me once or twice, and shakes his head. I guess he has a hard time going back to sleep at 7 in the morning too. But after 10 minutes or so he's out like a light, and I'm left to debate whether or not I should just get up and get myself ready. I often even think, "maybe I should just go to the gym" but I'm too lazy for that. Jamie already makes me go with him at night and works me hard! Which he says in a month or so I will be grateful for, so here's to hoping he's right! On the days I don't just get up and get ready, I do regret it, because it takes me 3 hours to shower and get dressed and fit a feeding, and putting him down for a nap in between.

The point is, as a new mommy to my little bundle of joy, none of that even matters, it's been 8 weeks and I'm getting used to the feeling of lack of sleep. And after all of this, I still wonder, what if I was lucky enough to have both Dyllan and Kaeson with us?! And sometimes I get teary eyed over it, like this morning, and I look at Kaeson and think how they most definitely look like brothers, and how cute that would have been...but most mornings, I think, what in the world would I do with TWO of them?!


  1. Lovely post Jessica, I love how honest and heartfelt it is. Maybe I should hire Jamie as my personal trainer because I need someone to kick my butt back into shape :) lol

  2. Keira I seriously hated working out again at first, but after the first week I'm addicted! It's so good to feel so good again...If you really wanted I'm sure he'd at least show you what to do, but he is a great motivater as well :-)