Monday, August 23, 2010

Over the Weekend...

 I was lucky enough this weekend to have a very relaxing couple of days! On Friday night Jamie and I decided to just go out to dinner and take the baby, which is always exciting...there is ALWAYS someone who wants to just adore him and hug him to pieces, and I can't blame them, he IS the cutest boy in the entire world. And as usual, Kaeson was just such a good baby, and let's be honest here, he got that from me, since his Dad was (and is) kind of a hellion.

Anyway, I went to bed pretty early on Friday night, and on Saturday got up early! I was pretty excited to have a girls day with my lovely momma and my baby sister, who is not such a baby anymore...

We all went and got our nails and our toes done by Lori, who is so talented and creative, I have to mention the fabulous job she is done! She is the ONLY reason I would ever drive up to Sugarhouse to get my nails done. So we drove Kelly's new car, a brand spankin' new 2010 Toyota Corolla, red, and super cute! She made me drive, since we had to go on the freeway...and as much fun as I had, I wouldn't want a small car ever again! Thank you Pathfinder!

Yup...Those are pink and white tiger stripes! It's art really :-)

And my glitter toes...cute feet, apparently Kelly and I have the same feet!

Anyways, after that we met my dad at Nordstrom Rack for a minute and he bought me some jeans, which I have been dreading to buy since I haven't lost all my baby weight. So thanks to my Dad.

Then on Sunday we took the baby up to Sundance, and of course, he was awake all through church when we wanted him to be asleep, and was fast asleep when we wanted him awake at Sundance. Oh well, boys will be boys I suppose. We had a lot of fun anyways, it's so beautiful up there this time of year, and it's just nice to feel like you're getting away somewhere, even though it's only 10 minutes away!

We're trying to make the most of my last few days at home. I'm getting a little anxious about going back to work, but I'm also a little excited too. I love being home with my baby, but honestly I'm going insane doing the same old thing all day every day, so 2 and a 1/2 days out of the week I will go back to being a loan officer at Utah Community Credit Union, where every day is a mini adventure of it's own. So...7 days and counting....*sigh*

P.S. tomorrow is Kaeson's 8 week checkup, even though he is 9 weeks tomorrow...we're anxious to see just how big he's gotten, which is BIG. :-)

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